Many thanks for your interest in the International School of Lausanne.

You have the options below to contact or be contacted by the school. Alternatively, you are welcome to call us on +41 21 560 02 02. The best time to call is between 10.00 and 15.00 from Monday to Friday.

Instrumental/ Vocal Lessons

The instrumental/ vocal music programme aims to provide invaluable opportunities for students in practical music making. The lessons focus on developing technical skills, musical understanding, perceptive listening and positive mindset.

The overall aim for ISL students enrolled in this programme is collaboration. Whereby students are encouraged to be a part of collaborative musical making. Whilst we understand that students studying piano don’t always have as many opportunities in our ISL organised ensembles, we encourage students to make their own opportunities for collaboration.

The benefits

The benefits of learning a musical instrument are widely documented and below is a comprehensive list based on the work of Michael Matthews.

  • Increases memory capacity
  • Refines time management and organizational skills
  • Boosts collaboration skills
  • Teaches perseverance and discipline
  • Enhances coordination
  • Betters mathematical ability
  • Improves reading and comprehension skills
  • Enhances responsibility and self-discipline
  • Improves cultural understanding
  • Sharpens concentration
  • Fosters self-expression and relieves stress
  • Creates a sense of achievement
  • Promotes social skills
  • Boosts perceptive listening skills
  • Elevates performance skills and reduces stage fright
  • Enhances your respiratory system (if you are a wind and brass performer)

To better understand how the brain benefits from learning an instrument, please watch Anita Collins' TEDEd.

Tuition offered

Below is this year's team of music teachers and what instruments they teach.

Dan Marginean Piano
Emilie Roulet Piano
Emily Hornsby Piano
Eric Rey Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Trumpet
Erika Lukin-Mertz Violin
Florian Guex Clarinet
Gisela Maier Flute
Ivana Vukosavljev Moix Piano
John Michet Piano
Kirsten Esser Piano
Laura Sanchez Cello
Marcos Rufino del Val Saxophone (Soprano, Alto or Tenor)
Marilyne Musy Drum Kit, Percussion
Michael Freeman Drum Kit
Robert Trainor Acoustic/ electric/ bass guitar, Ukulele
Salomon Thomas Guitar
Seongmi Kim Blank Voice

Lesson Options and Fees

Lessons are available in the following time blocks: 30 minutes for CHF 46, 45 minutes for CHF 69, or 60 minutes for CHF 92.

ABRSM and Rock School examinations

Students at ISL are able to take music exams with ABRSM, Trinity, LCM, and Rock School and are encouraged to do so. ABRSM exams take place at ISL twice a year. Prescribed fees for these examinations will be charged.

Hiring/ Purchasing Instruments

It is the responsibility of parents to organise an instrument for each child. There are two large music stores in the Lausanne region that may be able to assist with purchase or hire/ buy schemes.

Hug Musique SA
Grand Pont 4
1003 Lausanne
Phone: +41 21 310 48 10
Boullard Musique SA
Zone Industrielle de Riond-Bosson 10
1110 Morges
Phone: +41 21 811 28 28

Teaching Books and Repertoire

Depending on the instrumental teachers' recommendations, students might be required to purchase books and not use photocopies. This is especially evident during performances. The methods of teaching can vary from instrument to instrument and as students' skill develops over time.


Students are encouraged to participate in many of the fantastic performance opportunities during the year. Music performance teaches our students to be risk takers, principled and self-motivated. Musical performance is a great way to prepare students in handling anxiety that can come with live performance, in a supportive environment.

Year 13 students

Year 13 students will be able to have lessons up until they graduate at the end of May. Any further lessons can be arranged privately with the teacher and as such, will not be a part of ISL's Instrumental Programme.

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