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SGIS Golf Tournament 2015


In the Primary School, our programme focuses on providing fun, inclusive and developmentally appropriate sport and physical activity. These experiences will result in our students developing a wide range of movement skill along with the confidence and desire to participate. There are limits to the number of students each activity can accommodate, therefore we aim to offer a variety of activities that can accommodate and interest our students. As students progress through Primary School, the focus of the activities develops on to the understanding of basic rules, tactics and strategy in games and refinement of sport specific skills. In all sport, there is a competitive element involved and particularly in the upper Primary School, students are exposed to this.

In the Secondary School, the majority of our sports activities become more focused on competing. As our athletes develop through the Secondary School, our emphasis lies in understanding the rules of sport, values and consequences of one’s actions as well as developing performance components (physical, technical-tactical, mental and emotional). Sports teams naturally become selective as they concentrate on winning. However, ISL recognizes that there is a tremendous influence on behavior from peer groups during this period in life. In order to continue to offer a safe, inclusive and welcoming training environment for all students, we subscribe to a variety of sports leagues, which we rank. This way we aim to offer competitive situations for all student within a team.

As a school we provide a wide variety of sports that can accommodate and interest all our students.

Erlend Badham, Ingrid Raben, Daniel Kilmister and Eric Hietarinta
Head of Athletics and Activities, Athletics and Activities Assistant, After-School Activities Coordinator – Competitive Sports, Athletics and Activities Trainee
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Sports News

ISL won for the first time the ADISR Championship and took its revenge against la Chât.
The Secondary Swim Team, with 15 swimmers, set off for their first swim meet of the year.
This summer, the 2017 Tennis Championnat Vaudois took place for girls and boys in different ages and categories.

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