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The Early Childhood Centre

The Early Childhood Centre (ECC) comprises Reception 3 and Reception 4. Both are full day programmes.

The aim of the ECC programme is to provide the children with a happy and secure atmosphere within the school framework. There is a sympathetic approach to, and an awareness of, the very diverse learning needs of each individual. The ECC makes provision for the different starting points from which children develop their learning, building on what they can already do. Planned activities relate specifically to the developmental characteristics of the pre-school child. They are designed to promote:

  • the use and comprehension of the language of instruction
  • early concepts of number
  • gross and fine motor skills
  • spatial and environment awareness
  • Learner Profile attitudes
  • confidence and independence

For many children these years also mark the first transition from the home to group experience outside of the family and to the new physical environment. It is important to give the children in the ECC and those new to the school, time to adjust to their new environment and feel secure. The ECC values the partnership between staff and parents in supporting each individual child.


Observation, discussion and photographs provide information for assessment. This gives insight into children’s interests, achievements and possible difficulties in their learning or particular abilities from which next steps in teaching and learning can be planned.

Staff share with and receive from parents, information about children’s achievements and targets.

Basic ECC Entry Requirements

For a student to be accepted into the ECC, he/she should be:

  • toilet trained and be able to ask to go to the toilet
  • able to feed him/herself
  • able to put on his/her own shoes, not necessarily be able to fasten them
  • able to take off and put on clothing which has been unfastened
  • able to walk up and down stairs unaided
  • able to empathise, to some degree, with other children
  • able to follow simple instructions given by an adult

John Holmes
ECC Coordinator
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