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Global Contexts

Many topics are impossible to teach in their entirety and any issue can be approached from many different directions.

Students relate better to information that is meaningful to them. In the MYP this is done by presenting material in context. These contexts lead on from the PYP's transdisciplinary themes; allowing students at ISL to continuously develop their understanding of how the information they encounter fits into the wider world.

In every MYP unit, the teacher uses one of the following global contexts:

  • identities and relationships – possible explorations of beliefs, values, health and relationships
  • orientation in space and time – possible explorations of personal histories, migrations of humankind and turning points in history
  • personal and cultural expression – possible explorations of the ways in which we express ideas, cultures and beliefs as well as how we extend and enjoy our creativity
  • scientific and technical innovation – possible explorations of the natural world and its laws, including the consequences that result from human activity
  • globalization and sustainability – possible explorations of the interconnectedness of human activities and the impacts of decision making
  • fairness and development – possible explorations of rights and responsibilities, peace and conflict resolution.

Darryl Anderson
Assistant Principal - IB Middle Years Programme Coordinator
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