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Approaches to Learning

Approaches to Learning (ATL) is concerned with the development of effective study skills, sometimes referred to as “learning how to learn". Found near the center of the IB MYP model, ATL are the essential skills students need in order to be successful in each of their courses and which should enable them to be effective lifelong learners.

These skills are categorized into five areas: communication (oral and written), social (collaboration), self-management (organization, reflection and affective), research (information and media literacy) and thinking (problem solving, critical and creative thinking).

The aim is to develop the intellectual discipline and habits of mind that enable the capacity for problem-solving and decision-making. ATL provides students with the tools to take responsibility for their own learning. ATL skills are explicitly taught and formatively assessed in all subjects.

An ATL Coordinator exists within the school to coordinate the programme so that students experience a smooth progression of skills as they progress from year to year.

Liam Printer
Personal Project/ ATL Coordinator
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