Many thanks for your interest in the International School of Lausanne.

You have the options below to contact or be contacted by the school. Alternatively, you are welcome to call us on +41 21 560 02 02. The best time to call is between 10.00 and 15.00 from Monday to Friday.

Admissions Policy

The School accepts children without discrimination of sex, religion, race or nationality.

Admission to the School will be determined by the Director, with the advice of the teaching staff, based on information obtained with respect to:

  • the potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational services available
  • the capacity of the School to meet the educational needs of the applicant
  • the availability of places

Applications for admission for the current school year will be considered in order of priority and date of application, as places become available.

Applicants for admission are considered in the following priority order (employees of Sponsor Companies are kindly asked to contact their HR team regarding eligibility for prioritisation):

  • children of teaching staff
  • children of employees of a Main Sponsor Company who have a sibling already enrolled in or admitted to the school
  • children of Main Sponsor Company
  • children of employees of a Key Sponsor Company who have a sibling already enrolled in or admitted to the school
  • children of Key Sponsor Company
  • children of all other applicants who have a sibling already enrolled in or admitted to the school
  • all other applicants

Applicants who meet all admissions criteria are admitted for that year group, class size permitting.

Students are assigned to instructional groups primarily on the basis of age. However, factors such as previous records, measured aptitude and achievement, physical and emotional development and other relevant details are also considered. The final decision rests with the Director. A six-week trial period in the class, to which the student is assigned, is mandatory.

Entrance Age

A child may be accepted into a class if he or she is of age before 1 September. Class ages are available on the Age Equivalence page.

Student Records from Other Schools

The School requires student records in English or translated into English from the applicant's previous school before any student is accepted. These records include reports, transcripts, results of standardised tests and any reports by a counselor or psychologist (a checklist is provided). The School reserves the right to contact the applicant's previous school prior to acceptance.


Whenever possible, the applicant will be interviewed by the Director or a Principal prior to acceptance. In some cases, as determined by the Director, a Principal or Assistant Principal, an interview may be required before admission.

Entrance Test

The School maintains an "open enrolment" policy whereby a standardised entrance test is not generally given to applicants. However, in some cases, the School may test if it has reason to believe the applicant may not meet the criteria for enrolment.

Medical Examination

The applicant must show evidence of a recent medical examination including all necessary vaccination data, once enrolment is confirmed.

Decisions on Admission

After all the admissions procedures have been followed the application will be considered. Decisions will be given in writing.

If, in the judgment of the School, an applicant meets all criteria and space is available, acceptance will be unconditional. However, under some circumstances, a conditional acceptance may be offered. The conditions of acceptance will be clearly stated.

The School reserves the right to deny admission or re-enrolment to any applicant if, in its opinion, there were reasons to believe that admission or re-enrolment would not be in the best interest of the applicant or the School.

The School also reserves the right to postpone admission if a class is full. In this case, the applicant is placed on a waiting list. The qualified applicants are then accepted in order of date of application, subject to the above priorities.

Late Admissions

A student may be admitted to the School at any time during the school year (if places are available).

Anna Fessler and Susy Weill-Borsanyi
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